How to Discipline a Toddler and not Get Stressed

If you are a parent of a toddler, it may upset you when he or she misbehaves. 

This is because toddlers are sometimes suborning and badly behaved. 

So, if you are bringing up a toddler, it is important to learn how to discipline them and not get stressed. 

Even though kids are different, there are various simple and effective ways that you can use to ensure that your toddler has discipline. 

How to Discipline a Toddler and not Get Stressed

One parent told me that toddlers love to test our nerves. 

This is because they do crazy things that no one can imagine. 

From throwing their toys to hitting you, expect anything from a toddler. 

Therefore, it is important to learn over one strategy on how to discipline them. 

However, before you learn how to discipline your kid, it is important to know why he or she loves to test your nerves.

Young kids are always excited and eager to learn new things. 

And when learning new things, they want their parent’s attention. 

So, when you are talking on the phone, watching TV or very occupied, they can do anything to attract attention. 

Children also misbehave by copying other kids. 

Whether it is at school, on TV, at home or church, toddlers love repeating what they see. 

For instance, he or she may see a child hitting another kid on TV.

Hence, he or she will repeat the same behavior; kids will misbehave to test your nerves. 

Since there are rules that you may have set in your home, they can and will test you. 

What are the consequences of breaking the rules?

Are you serious when you say it is bad to do certain things? 

If they get away with something for the first time, they will continue to misbehave again and again.  

Another reason children misbehave is when they do not understand what they are doing. 

Some kids when they are angry, bored, or excited misbehave. 

Therefore, it is important to teach them how to behave when angry or excited.  

What are the Signs of Misbehavior?

A kid, in most situations, will always misbehave; However, it is important to know the signs of bad behavior.

This misbehavior might be because of a serious problem. 

One sign of misbehavior is when the kid becomes excessively restless. 

Toddlers should not be anxious when around their parents. 

Hence, if you notice your child has become excessively restless at home, that might be a sign of misbehavior. 

Another sign of behavior changes is when your kid has many cuts and bruises. 

Even though it is common for a child, especially boys, to have cuts and bruises, having them frequent is abnormal. 

When your kid is not willing to share his or her feelings, thoughts or concerns to you, it might be a sign of misbehavior.

This is because all toddlers should be at ease when communicating with their parents. 

But when they cannot share their thoughts with them, it might be a behavior change. 

Ways on How to Discipline a Child and not Get Stressed

Whether you believe your kids are well-disciplined or not, you need to learn ways to discipline them and not get stressed.

This is because it is their nature to test your nerves. 

Happily, there are many great strategies that you can use to ensure they behave well when you are around and when you are not with them. 

Keep in mind that you need to plant good seeds of discipline so they become good men and women. 

Below are the best ways to discipline your children and not get stressed. 

Ignoring–toddlers will always do things to seek their parents’ attention. 

Therefore, if you can ignore any misbehavior, he or she can avoid doing it. 

For instance, if your little one makes an annoying noise to seek your attention, ignore him or her. 

But when he does something nice to seek your attention, make sure you respond. 

Even though ignoring might not be effective for all kids, it is a great way to discipline your kid and not get stressed. 

Staying calm–this might not seem like a great strategy to discipline a kid. 

However, it is a very effective method that most parents use. 

For example, if your toddler loves throwing items when they are mad, getting mad can escalate a stressful situation. 

This can lead to regrets and feeling guilty later. 

If your child realizes that his or her behavior is not solving the problem, he or she will get tired.  

Be consistent–Keeping things the same can make your children behave. 

For example, if you have consistent mealtimes and bedtimes, your kid will learn how to follow orders. 

Therefore, even when you ask them to stop doing something, it will be easy for them to follow. 

When you tell your kid “no playing at night” the first time you find him playing, you need to ensure you repeat the same when he does again and again. 

Redirection–when you feel that your toddler is misbehaving, you can use the redirection method. 

For example, when the kid is playing with unsafe items, you can get rid of them and offer safe items. 

This means the kid will continue playing but with the right toys. 

When you redirect consistently, the kid will learn to play with safe items and start ignoring the unsafe ones. 

Natural consequences–This can be the best teacher for a misbehaving toddler. 

It is also a great method that will ensure you do not get stressed. 

For instance, if your kid refuses to put on a jacket, they may feel cold later and come for the jacket. 

Also, if the child does not want to eat, let them eat when they are hungry. 

These experiences help the child learn a thing or two about being disciplined. 

Moreover, when a child experiences the consequences of their actions, they may repeat the mistake again. 

What are the stress-relief activities to do after disciplining your child?

Bringing up toddlers is difficult; It is a stressful and demanding life. 

And in most cases, parents lose their cool and react to regret later. 

Fortunately, there are several stress-relief activities you can do after disciplining your kid. 

Stress-Relief Tips after Disciplining your Child

Reduce Stressful Moments 

One activity you can do to relieve stress after disciplining your child is reducing any stressful moment. 

Keep in mind that children react to the surrounding environment. 

So, if you can remain calm and show them that disciplining is part of life, they will easily cope with the situation. 

It is also important to avoid criticism or sarcasm when talking to the toddler. 

Keep in mind that these comments can make kids more rebellious or bad-behaved. 

For instance, do not say you love seeing your kids cry; This might make the kid feel unloved and make you feel guilty. 

Think About the Outcome 

Disciplining your kid is the best way to make them behave properly. 

So, if you think about the outcome, you will not feel guilty or stressed when you discipline your child. 

Even if you want your kid to feel cared for and loved, it is important to note that they cannot always have their way. 

When you think about the outcome, you will not feel stressed after disciplining your kid. 

Mind your behavior before and after disciplining the kid

The way you behave before and after disciplining the kid will affect the outcome of the action. 

If you calm first and show them, they cannot always have their way, that’s exactly what they will learn. 

But if you act like you are sorry for disciplining them, then they might not take you seriously. 

Keep in mind that your kids learn from you; Therefore, let them follow your orders and it will discipline them. 

Lead by Example

As stated before, kids learn from their parents; Therefore, you need to teach your kids to be adults. 

If you spoil your kids, they will spoil their kids too. 

However, if you learn to discipline them without feeling guilty or being stressed, that’s what they will learn. 

Therefore, act like the person you would want them to be. 

Ways to Monitor your Kid’s Behavior 

Although parenting is not an easy task, it is very important to monitor your child’s behavior. 

You need to be aware of any behavior change and act accordingly. 

Below are some tips on how to monitor your child’s behavior. 

One of the best ways to monitor your kid’s behavior is to know his or her friends. 

If you can, make sure you know their parents and where they live.

Check your kid occasionally to see what they are doing. 

Pick your kid early from school to monitor their behaviors.

Monitoring your kid’s behavior needs not be a daily routine. 

You can do it regularly just to keep him or her in check.


It’s important to learn how to discipline a toddler and not get stressed.

Parents who master the trade are less likely to lose their temper or become violent.

Remember, children have good memories; They will remember events into their adulthood.

Let’s be the best parents we can be and create memories of happiness with our kids.

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